What are IEP Consulting Services?

IEP Consulting Services can include:
  • Phone and email consulting to discuss your questions and concerns as you navigate the special education process for your child
  • Empowering you as the parent(s) to be your own advocate through expert advice
  • Explanation of paperwork and "IEP jargon & acronyms"
  • IEP paperwork organization
  • Review of your child's IEP and reports to determine areas to maximize what your child is getting out of his/her IEP
  • Writing letters to your school to help you obtain what your child needs
  • Help you prepare for the IEP meeting
  • Attend the IEP meetings with you as your IEP advocate 
  • Follow up to ensure all your addressed concerns were accurately documented in the paperwork to ensure carryover from staff to staff who receive your child's IEP  

I have a 5 step process... You choose how many steps you would like to take with me!
  • Step 1:  FREE 15 minute inquiry phone call to see if I can help you!
  • Step 2:  Review of IEP & reports followed by phone consultation
  • Step 3:  Letter writing to your school district
  • Step 4:  Phone consultation to help you prepare for IEP meeting
  • Step 5:  Attend the IEP meeting with you as your IEP advocate

Additional consultation services can be embedded throughout the process including phone calls and emails to answer your questions and concerns along the way!

Email or call to inquire about pricing.


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